Customer Testimonials

We have used Dashwood Service Centre for the past ten years to service our fleet of vehicles. They provide a quality and efficient service, very often at short notice. We consider the services that Dashwood deliver to be good value and always reliable. 

Risk Management High Wycombe






We have had all our family cars serviced by Dashwood for the past 15 years. During that time we have received unfailingly courteous and efficient service - and more importantly our cars have been maintained to a very high and safe standard.

They are particularly good at preventative maintenance and are quick to alert customers about potential future problems. They also never go ahead with major expensive work without first clearing it with the customer - and where ( very rarely ) there is a problem after the car has been serviced - they always put it right .

We cannot recommend Dashwood too highly.

Mr Perrett





All our family have found Dashwoods to be extremely friendly and efficient and we never get any nasty surprises. Overall Dashwoods provide extremely good value for money .

Mr P Brooks





Dashwood Service Centre have been responsible for the repair of the Universal Group Fleet of vehicles for over 20 years and it is a testament to the excellent service that they provide that we continue to do so.

When it became possible for the servicing of vehicles under warranty to be carried out other than by main dealers - their competitive pricing has shown us a significant reduction in vehicle operation costs.

The flexibility that they demonstrate in times of need is outstanding and they are always friendly and helpful. Universal Group have no hesitiation whatsoever in recommending them.

Jean Witte - Company Secretary Universal Group



This is an overdue BIG THANK YOU!! to John and his team,

When I first moved to Wycombe, it was trial and error going from garage to garage and I would love to name and shame the bad garages but this is a testimonial of course. I have an old Cougar V6 and Galaxy MPV, which John and his team have serviced and taken care of for four years now since i chose them to be my permanent garage, and i will tell you why.

Never have I met such a Dedicated, kind, professional, skilled, happy team in my opinion. This has to be the REAL BLACK BELT ART OF MECHANICS and REAL PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS. The Cougar has had its ups and downs because of its age but Dashwood Service had known about the common faults of that make, even though the car was very rare and i have been astonished to see how much care and hard work the staff had put into the car to keep it as mint as possible.

The same would apply to the Galaxy too. The team defiantly went the extra mile with sorting any issues out professionally and skillfully like Sump thread damage, which john had the facilities to rectify amazingly!

The amount of enthusiasm seen in john and the team is amazing! When i developed a common drive shaft fault on the Galaxy, the car was already on the hydrolic lift and being seen too and i was shown the evidence!!! the care was serviced and mot'd within that week too. I dont know how many times i said thank you when i left with my Galaxy and the miss's didn't kick me out of the house, which that means that the bill wasn't to hefty either because of their fixed prices!

I have always known that when either of my cars are in for a MOT, Repair or Service, i could sleep easy. God bless you all.

Anne and Geoff Payne ( High Wycombe ) 

Hi John and all the staff,

I just have to write to say a HUGE THANK YOU ! to you for today, I brought in my Renault for a service and a 'ONCE OVER' , having just bought it second hand. You carried out the service as I requested and then went 'above and beyond' and gave the vehicle a good check for me.

I was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED when I arrived to find my car had been WELL CLEANED and a THOROUGH REPORT had been carried out and yet I was still only charged the service charge.

I have over the years been to many different garages and such for my vehicle needs and have NEVER left feeling so CONTENT, SATISFIED,HAPPY, and CONFIDENT in the service provide. My words truly cant express how satisfied I feel for there work, you guys really are HONEST - I WILL NEVER GO ANYWHERE ELSE AGAIN for vehicle works etc and regret having not used them before.

I almost felt like I was dealing with family members - HONESTLY they are that good !!. I will always strongly recommend you to friends and family.I look forward to dealing with you again.Greatest Thanks again 

Mr D Partridge

Nothing ever seems to small or great a task for John and his team at Dashwood Service Centre.

The quality of service is of the highest standard and the integrity and honesty, shown by John, will put many to shame.

PS. What are you like with Range Rovers?

Justin Neal | Partner for Harris Cartier Ltd




Dear John

Thanks so much for the recent service on Maureen’s car and especially the sterling work on the gear selection problem. As I mentioned when we met I had an oil leak on my Golf which turned out to be a poorly fitted oil filter – and this by a major vehicle outfit. Needless to say f rom now on I will be bringing my Golf to you.

I am amazed that more organisations in all sectors do not adopt your customer friendly approach. Whenever I come to Dashwood I am assured of a friendly welcome and transparent honesty. There have been times when, had you been unscrupulous, you could have done unnecessary work at some cost to me.

Adopting such an unscrupulous attitude could have made you a short term buck. However your demonstrably fair advice ensures you will get long term custom from us. Your staff are obviously motivated to work to a high standard and hats off to them – they should appreciate how lucky they are to work in such a positive environment. Keep up the good work!

Kind regards 

A W Phillips

Dear John

I am writing to say how impressed I have been with the service I have received since bringing the car here a couple of months ago. Everything is organised efficiently and very well run. I was particularly impressed that on one visit to fix an annoying intermittenet problem with the engine sensors.

You were honest enough to tell me that a mistake had been made in replacing the wrong sensor - and quite properly you didnt charge me for the work to put this right. I am sure there are many garages that would have tried to blag the customer and claim that the car had developed another fault !

So " Thank you " for leading by example and being so honourable.
Finally the availablity of a courtesy car is also extremely handy. Many thanks for your help

Yours sincerely

Edward Lilley

Hi John,

Thank you, so much. Sorting out my MOT yesterday really has got me out of a hole. Your service is superb. Your commitment 100%. No customer could ask for more. Thank you I now look forward to sorting out the brake sensor too. Hopefully we will be able to get that part by the time I need the next service (probably July-ish). I really appreciate your help and advice.

Thank you.




Good morning John & Jo,

Just to say how pleased I was with collecting the car last night. Courtesy car, annual service, brake pads, tyre, wheel bolts, parking sensor, even windscreen wipers! Absolutely brilliant. And all done in the same day at a truly good price. Well done to you and your whole team. Well done and thank you again Dashwood team. A knockout performance! 

Ben Guy




Hi John & Joe,

Hope you both had a good weekend I was about to drop you a quick email and let you know how pleased I am with the way my car is running after its 12k service & MOT on 11/12th October.

Kind regards

Ray Isted 



Hi John, ( and team ) 

A huge thanks to you all for sorting out the elusive misfire problem on my Audi TT. It would have been easy to start changing out components in a process of elimination but because of your professionalism you were able to identify the route cause which I  suspect other mechanics would have struggled to find.

Who would have thought that the intake manifold would have been caked in carbon deposits but that's exactly what it was.

The difference in performance is amazing and the misfire has gone. You and your team are superb and  I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to anyone. I  have used your services for many years and will continue to do so.

A very happy Christmas to all of you from one very satisfied customer. 

Edward Mordas


I know that I have praised the service and dedication I have received at the hands of you and your staff, but I find that yet again I must praise you all for going the extra mile.

I recently had my wife’s car in with you for a parking sensor permanent alarm fault and, not being prepared to give me back an imperfect vehicle (having changed a sensor which was damaged, but not removing the symptoms) you asked if you could keep my car an extra day and have the BOSCH technician come in and carry out full diagnostics.

Naturally I said yes, but had more than a little trepidation at the potential cost of an unknown third party assistance, but yet again I was astounded by the value of your service and your determination to make sure that your customers go away not only feeling that they have had a good deal, but also that they are SPECIAL and treated to the BEST QUALITY SERVICE you can offer.

You make all of your customers feel SPECIAL and for this you have my undying gratitude.

Kindest regards to all at DASHWOOD SERVICE CENTRE

Clive Lawn F INST LM

Great, friendly service. Instilling confidence in the outcome of the work.

Ros Skinner